Let’s Make History

Welcome to The Prince George’s Memory Project.  We launched this effort at Bladensburg’s “Undaunted Weekend” Festival on August 24, and we’ve been building wonderful traction ever since.

Who are we?  We are O.F. Makarah and Matt White, a pair of filmmakers who met recently at a Creative Edge Studios event and found a common interest in community media.   O.F. Makarah founded and runs the Heritage Film Festival at the South Bowie Library (now in its tenth year) and Matt White is an archivist and filmmaker.

six steps to memory word docWhat are we doing? We are gathering up as many  home movies and photographs from the County as we can to make a movie about the visual memory of Prince George’s.   This will include characters and landscapes long since lost, and will reveal the rich community that has been at the heart of this County since Colonial days.

What can you do?  We need your home movies and photographs, and we need volunteers to help find home movies and photographs.  We have set up “drop off” events, when we will be gathering home movies and photographs.   It is all leading up to a great Gala in the summer of 2015, when we will screen a compilation movie that includes the highlights of our findings.

So, please, join us in the treasure hunt for artifacts of Prince George’s past.  Look around this site and you’ll find some nice examples of home movies and more information about the project and the county.   Contact us through our “Contact” form and we’ll get you up to speed.   This will be a wonderful event.

We invite you to share your visual history with your fellow Prince Georgians. Indeed, without you we will be missing a big part of the big picture.


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  1. Katy Kincade says:

    Judy Dobbs shared the link to this project. What a wonderful resource for county residents. It’s bound to be a really interesting project.

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