Home Video of Kiddieland in Takoma Park

Kiddieland Park 1964 (says Montgomery County but actual Prince George’s)

Here are a few of the comments from the YouTube site. Add your memories to the comments.


Thanks so much for posting this video! I’ve been looking for a photo of the hand-powered railroad for YEARS, and to actually see it on video brought back some of my fondest childhood memories. You made my day. Thanks again.

Kathy Lemmon

I so loved this place! I still dream about the pedal cars shown at the end of the video.

Jan Crisostomo

I remember riding in the cars for sure…this is a great wee piece of history and lots of good memories!

Sharon Johnson

thanks so much for posting i loved that place

Lawrence Flack

I remember this place as a kid


Thank you so much for posting this video! I LOVED this place as a kid. We always went on Wednesday nights with our RC Cola bottlecaps. The helicopters were great.. you could make them go up and down with the bar. The roller coaster was my favorite, it had that one “big” dip! I even remember the sidewalk..


That’s right! The Takoma Park city limits actually covered Both Montgomery County & Prince Georges County, Including part of Langley Park!

Kiki Oliver

Sorry, Takoma Park ends at Langley Park. The corner shopping where the old KC Liquors was is City of Tk Pk. The intersection of New Hampshire Ave and University is like a dividing of Tk Pk , Silver Spring and Adelphi.


Kiddieland was actually in Prince George’s County MD.


I loved that helicopter ride when I was a kid. My brother and his friend used to run the roller coaster. The train went through a tunnel. When we were old enough to pull it off, we’d jump out in the tunnel and back in the next time the train came past. One time at a classmate’s B-day party, someone threw my shoes in the water in the boat ride. I was in the bounce house at the time. (Doin’ some bouncin’)


Kiddieland Park – across New Hampshire Ave from the Allen Theatre – down by Center Hardware!! OMG!!

Shelley Hargrove

ahhh good ol’fashion amusement park fun. reminds me of when my parents used to take me to the carnival when i was a kid 🙂

tom toms

I went there as a kid too, used to drive by it every evening after moving from DC to Columbia……


I remember walking from Queenstown up to this place with my dad!!

Joel Laskin

Good times many years ago !


Thanks for posting. My Dad Opened, Owned and Operated this Kiddieland Park between 1960 and 1969. I have a lot of fond memories growing up at Kiddieland. HF


Nope, that’s me and my older brother…filmed by my father in 1964.

Norma Eisen

Kiddie land was the first and last place that I rode on a roller coaster!


OMGosh Lynda, I remember it too and the helicopters and roller coaster were the best !! This looks like an archived film… how the heck old are we LOL Love this – thank you for posting!!!

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