Cheerleaders and Cap Center live on in home movies (1976)

This should take you back:  Cheerleaders from the Queen Anne School in Upper Marlboro competing with great energy and gusto at the Capital Center (“Cap Center”) in Largo.  This was uploaded to YouTube as one of Mary Jane Bostian family’s Super 8 movies.

Both the school and the Cap Center are now gone.  The private co-educational school, founded in 1964 by Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church, was closed in 2011, a victim of the difficult economy and declining enrollment.  The building has been transformed into a Charter School, run by Imagine Foundations Public Charter School.  The Cap Center, which held nearly 20,000 people and was home to the Washington Bullets, was demolished in 2002.

But they both live on in memory, thanks to the efforts of Mary Jane Bostian.

Queen Anne School Cheerleading at Capitol Center (Largo: March 17, 1976)

 Queen Anne School Cheerleading at Capitol Center (Largo, 1977)

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